Once the store page is up… What then?

Hey guys!

We figured it’s time for another status update on what to expect when our Steam store page for Springs of Ardor goes online, if only for posterity’s sake. What use is a Dev-blog if we don’t post dev updates?

While we can’t go into details here (as it’s a bit uncertain to us what we can and cannot say under NDA), we can say it has been quite an experience getting our new sexy game onto Steam so far.

Obviously, due to the adult nature of our game, there were lots of hoops to jump through. And then we (apparently) did the two-step process in the wrong order. (The tutorial said store page first, then the game build. Turns out… not for adult games 😥) Which caused our earlier happiness tweets to quickly become premature tweets that started singing their song way too soon.

Lessons learned, though. Which we’ll be sure to carry with us on our next game after this. We can confidently say, though, that just two days ago, our submitted game build was accepted and now only the store page remains to be approved. How long will that take? Do you really think we’ll even say what we’re expecting/hoping right now? 🤐

The moment it is approved, though, we’ll hit that “Go Live” button so damn fast, you wouldn’t believe.

So, with the Springs of Ardor’s store page set to go live ASAP, we thought it would be nice to share a bit of intel on how far along we are in the game and what you can expect from the store page launch.

The game build we submitted to Steam is the full game build. And by that, we mean it includes all of the artwork, dialogue, cutscenes, etc., in a pretty good playable state. We had to do that due to the adult nature of the game; there are stricter rules to follow than the average game on Steam.

The upside to that is that after our store page goes up, it’s only a matter of some fine-tuning, updating the game build, and the game will be ready and eagerly waiting to get released.

What will the release date of Springs of Ardor be? Or how many sex scenes are in the game? You’ll find out all of that and more really soon! (We hope/think/You get what we mean, right?) We want to keep the details a surprise for the store launch, so we hope to find you there soon.

Feel free to post your comments and/or questions in the comments section below. If there are things you’d like us to post about, we’re friendly and don’t bite.

Timo & Hadrian.
The FullFrontalBeef team

PS. And yes, we know. We really need to update the site to make it clear who’s who and does what… but time 😪

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