Eric Williams is a young man with magical powers like the world hasn’t seen in eons. The only problem is… Young Eric Williams doesn’t know of his powers himself.

Unbeknownst to Eric, his powers were bound away when he was still a young boy. But now, with the day of his arising a mere month away… His growing powers have been leaving a scent of tentilation and influence all over town.

One of the first non-human groups to approach young Eric is one of the local werewolf packs. After being told of Eric’s magical scent by his Beta’s, Alpha Turner is hesitant. There are more creatures with a magical fragrance that can mesmerize and arouse alone… That doesn’t mean he needs one of those in his pack.

But all will change when he catches a whiff of Young Eric’s scent off Eric’s Sister. He is absolutely perfect for their little pack, and Alpha Turner will do anything to prove that to young Eric.

The characters of Bloodbound