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Research & Development 01 Game

Being a fresh Bioengineering graduate from Northfield University, Samuel Mosley’s world is about to be changed drastically. When his professor’s recommendation brings him the chance of a life-time… A job interview at the world-renown Titan Biogenics…

Finding out the CEO of Titan Biogenics has a particular project he wants you on, due to your professor being a gossipy-bitch… No big deal at all.

After all, it brought you this far, right?

Xtra Research comic

So you did the demonstration your potential boss demanded of you… And he did seem satisfied at the end, right? Even if you didn’t get Jake’s, or should you say… Subject M204 thick hard cock in your mouth.

Learning that you got the job as assistant on the top secret project Nexus is sure to brighten your day though. And after seeing the private office you’ve now got… What better way to celebrate than with Subject M204 deep inside your ass?


Minimum system requirements:

Windows 7 or higher / OSX 12.1 or higher
6GB Ram
420mb Harddisk

WARNING! This game contains full HD 1920×1080 animations and might run slow on old systems. Please try the free demo before purchasing, to see if the game works correctly on your system.

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