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Research & Development (R&D) is a visual novel/adventure game series set within the bustling headquarters of Titan Biogenics.

Titan Biogenics, a globally recognized institution, is celebrated for its cutting-edge research endeavors and groundbreaking strides in bioengineering. Landing a job here immediately after graduating from university is nothing short of a miracle.

Starting as an assistant is a promising beginning, but the real excitement lies in the opportunity to work and study alongside the attractive, well-built men who serve as research subjects.

As a fresh Bioengineering graduate from Northfield University, Samuel Mosley’s world is about to be changed drastically. His professor’s recommendation brings him the chance of a lifetime – a job interview at the world-renowned Titan Biogenics.

However, learning that the CEO of Titan Biogenics has a particular project he wants Samuel on due to his professor’s being a gossipy-bitch is no big deal at all. After all, it brought him this far, right?

The characters of Research & Development