It’s Ryan Dobbins’s first year at college, and things have certainly been exciting for him. 

Getting accepted into his first choice college… Great! Getting assigned a dorm room in the Jocks building… Not so great! 

From the hot jocks playing sports everywhere while barely dressed… To the communal showers, where all that beef is on full display. But worst must be his peak of male masculinity, different girlfriend every week roommate Jayden Frantz.

Helping to apply the ointment for his roommate’s sprained shoulder, is already like a dream for Ryan. All those big hard muscles of Jay underneath his hands… Those firm buns he’d love to spread apart and eat out…

There’s no chance Ryan’s going to let this be just a one-time thing…

No! He’s going to make the one thing that will make Jay come back to him time and time again!

Things will heat up and spiral out of Ryan’s control fast.

Because Jay is a good “Bro”, the news of Ryan’s Wonder Cream spread quickly through the Jock college population.

Before Ryan can understand what happened, he’ll have Jock after jock knocking on his door… Ready to have the “wonder cream” spread all over their hard muscled bodies, by Ryan and his twinkie friends. 

The guys of Wonder Cream

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