About us

Our mission is simple: to bring more diverse and authentic LGBT representation to the world of entertainment. Through our smutty games and captivating comics, we aim to inspire, entertain, and create a safe space for everyone to express themselves.

The FullFrontal Team

3D Artist & Project lead.

Timo Kaarlo


Timo embarked on his 3D art journey in 2008, quickly advancing to produce artwork—including homoerotic pieces—for a now-defunct game studios just two years later.

After gaining valuable experience as a freelance 3D and graphic designer, he decided to fully invest in his passion. Alongside his collaborator, Hadrian, Timo co-founded FullFrontal, a studio dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the industry.

Programmer & Musician.

Hadrian Britts


Hadrian began his career in the gaming industry at a now-defunct adult game studio, where he honed his skills in sound design. He notably contributed to the soundscapes and music of a popular gay adult visual novel released in 2016.

Today, Hadrian combines his technical acumen and business savvy at FullFrontalBeef, a studio he co-founded with Timo. There, he oversees the programming and business operations, driving the company’s strategic direction and growth.

Project based Team members


Tonio Cerasi

Writing & Proofing.

Daniel Eris

All images are AI generated, based on prompts of the teammembers actual look in past and present.